Sisters Collective

We are based from the coastal shores of Rapanui, Christchurch in New Zealand’s beautiful Te Waipounamu (South Island).

We use precious kōhatu (gemstones) such as Ngāi Tahu Pounamu along with a wide range of other kōhatu from around the world, and craft these into beautiful treasures or taonga.

A unique aspect of our business is ‘dressing’ taonga – and we receive many commissions to re-string new and antique pendants, either onto precious metal or a strand of mystical gems that will amplify the inherent powers of the pendant.

Our passion is to raise awareness of the old stories and knowledge (mātauranga) associated with kōhatu, as treasures of the earth (papatuanuku), rivers and the sea.

We use kōhatu to raise awareness of our lands, our waters, and our collective responsibility to look after these special places and treasures for the wellbeing of future generations.

We seekto revitalise knowledge of the concepts of mauri (life-force), kaitiakitanga (intergenerational guardianship), ōhaōha (goodwill), tōhungatanga (expertise),wairuatanga (spirituality), matakite (foresight), tāongatanga (treasuring) and of course – whānau.

We love our work and strongly believe in the mauri of kōhatu – along with the powers of transformation, insight and empowerment that kōhatu can catalyse.

Tihei Mauriora – Carmelle & Adi