Ahakoa he iti he Pounamu

Although it is small it is Pounamu

Many of you have a piece (or pieces of) Pounamu, gifted or collected over the years; sitting in a drawer unworn, because the string has become old, is too light for the weight of your taonga (treasure), or is made from a material that irritates your neck.

Re-stringing taonga for customers started as a really practical solution for a common issue but what we found was that by re-stringing Pounamu, with specific accentuating taonga, we actually bought new life to the Pounamu – accentuating its inherent beauty – adding the “yin to the yang” or as one of our followers stated:

It all starts with being connected to and recognising the beauty of nature for sure. The true artist has this connection and finds inspiration from it. This necklace is yoga – the unification of opposites. The Pounamu represents the male, the beads the female. Very spiritual…”1918153_997581486957543_7240294763459331853_n

Just like the whakatāuki (proverb) above, what began as a “small” idea to accentuate precious taonga, has since developed into a new business collaboration that is uniquely “Pounamu”.

Ngāi Tahu whānau are the traditional kaitiaki (intergenerational guardians) of Pounamu in their regions, with exclusive ownership and rights to market Pounamu in the Ngāi Tahu takiwā (traditional area) using the unique Ngāi Tahu authentication system. https://www.ngaitahupounamu.com

In May 2016, SIC started a conversation with Ngāti Waewae who are an enterprising Ngāi Tahu whānau company based in Hokitika, selling genuine authentic Ngāi Tahu Pounamu. Ngāti Waewae are leading Pounamu marketing to a world-wide audience, merging their unique history and culture with a sustainable business approach.


13781738_1060403200675371_6556402990496759934_nNgāi Tahu Pounamu and SIC are in the process of developing a specific new range that will showcase the best of authentic Ngāi Tahu Pounamu, carved by Ngāti Waewae, with SIC’s contemporary fashionable necklaces.

The new brand will incorporate a unique range of beautiful balanced taonga that we will each jointly market to our existing and new customers. Here are a few beautiful samples of what is to come – WATCH THIS SPACE!