There is no purple crystal that has more wide-ranging appeal than Amethyst. Regal, holy, pure, restorative Amethyst can be sourced in translucent shades of almost black, deep rich purple, commanding violet, gentle lilacs and pinkish mauves, to clear white.

This beguiling and highly revered quartz mineral is the modern, as well as traditional, birthstone for February, and is a major zodiac stone for Pisces and Aquarius (both zodiac signs falling partly on the month of February).

Amethyst (translated as “not drunk”) got its name from the ancient Greek belief that the stone would prevent the wearer from intoxication. Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans believed this gem would keep the wearer clear headed, quick-witted, and quell passions and over-indulgences of any kind.

Amethyst can be fashioned easily into beautiful magnificent creations which has made it a preferred choice of royalty and the clergy since antiquity, regarding it as being on a par with diamonds and rubies. And due to its beautiful purple colour, Amethyst is regarded as one of the most spiritual of stones, creating a tangible link for the wearer with the divine (linked with the Crown chakra). These strong spiritual energies, link Amethyst with qualities of  piety, humility, sincerity and intuition, and, also providing a catalyst for shedding addictions, gaining spiritual wisdom and developing love for humanity.

Amethyst is not just popular because of its beautiful see-through colour, its royal associations or its spiritual energies, it is also widely available (yes even to a commoner). Amethyst is an affordable stone that complements both warm and cool colours. And it looks simply fabulous set with many other coloured gems.