Happy 2019 Blessings.

Finally, it happened on 24 December 2018 with Jupiter the planet of manifestation in Sagittarius, and much visualising: our very first batch of amethyst tiki turned up at the SIC studio.

Aside from the fact we manifested these beautiful purple amethyst tiki-taonga (treasures) with supreme intentions of raising spiritual awareness and consciousness, this first batch comprises 88 tiki.

Of this first batch of just 88, 800 cracked in the cutting. Yes these are the lucky 11% that survived!  88 vibrates with the double power of infinite abundance, and 11 is a master number associated with intuition.   Amethyst is the stone of spirituality, used for divination over the ages, enabling you to access your higher self, embrace a conscious life and get closer to source.

So we think that these are super charged talismans, and when coupled with your intentions, capable of raising consciousness, spirituality, love and connection with higher vibrations. Every single one of these tiki has a unique identifier blessed with our karakia (focused life force energy vibration) for unconditional love and abundance.

The price is $88 (plus $25 for sterling silver hanger) and if you are lucky enough to get one of these lucky charms, please remember to bless them – create space and fill your treasure with your own intentions, record your special number (i.e. 33/88) and if you wish map your journey (get creative – paint, write, sing, dance, make videos – share your stories).

What did this taonga awaken in you? What space was created in your life for your unique spirit? What transformations have taken place?

Please email, text, message or ring and tell us your stories…..we believe in the power of the Universe as it emanates above, below and around you!   And, we invite you to share with us (and others) what each magic 88 amethyst manifested for you its guardian.

Arohamainui (may abundant breath be with you)
Car and Adi