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The Emerging Stone – Pounamu Te Whei Aō – Rehutai

In Sisters Collective’s quest to find tāonga[1] in Te Tau Ihu (Nelson Marlborough, NZ) with Māori carver Timoti Moran, and to uncover some of the ancient knowledge around tāonga (reminding us of the power of nature) we found a super rare white hyrdogrossular garnet[2] in 2015, and we have also created red pounamu from Nelson […]

Harvesting Pounamu

‘And what is stone to the hand that shapes it?’ Stone! Hold it, touch it, listen to it. Does it sing the same sone to everyone? Some merely see hard unyielding strength, while others feel what moves deep within. Only women and men born to the colours of stone, and with the spirit to reach […]

MAURI ORA TAONGA – Behold the stones of life

We could square the blame on the 7th planet Uranus which drives the energies associated with magic, discoveries and inventions, and without a higher purpose, is to blame for individualism, rebellions and all things unpredictable….BUT for some reason the Sisters are always meeting inspirational people/whānau who change our lives in expansive, unnusal and inexplicable ways. […]

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Ahakoa he iti he Pounamu

 Ahakoa he iti he Pounamu Although it is small it is Pounamu Many of you have a piece (or pieces of) Pounamu, gifted or collected over the years; sitting in a drawer unworn, because the string has become old, is too light for the weight of your taonga (treasure), or is made from a material […]

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In 2014, SIC sourced and sold 15 pendants of Aōtea a rare blue-green stone comprising a mix of Kyanite/Fuchsite in Quartz. to an eager fan base. We could not believe the demand for the tāonga but in our quest to uncover a supply source we also unearthed a beautiful tale of provenance and vision. Aōtea […]

Tāonga of Intellect & Intuition – Kōhatu (Hūkatai)

Last Christmas 2015, SIC completely sold out of our first batch of fashioned Kōhatu strung on white turquoise necklaces. The Kōhatu was sourced sustainably from Tīmoti, a wonderful local kaitiaki and carver, who has a strong ancestral line connected to Pounamu and was drawn to his own awa (river) and the tāonga through a series […]



Waiaroha are an ancient gift of Papatuanuku (earth mother). These special tāonga are formed deep in the earth at very high temperatures compressing layers of the sea-floor, plant matter and fossils, to form the minerals Pounamu (bowenite, nephrite, serpentine), Pākohe (argillite) or Kapakara (garnet). As the mountains were formed bands of these tāonga were forced […]


C’mon Baby Light my Fire

Passionate chameleon-like primaries; yellow, blue and red, are the key colours of August birthstones with the exception of the mighty-green peridot. Chrysolite or peridot is the most known and only truly-green gemstone of the nine birthstones associated with the big flashy personalities born in August. Peridot is especially significant for those fiery Leos born in […]


Blue Moon Rising

On Friday 31 July 2015, as you are casting your wishes for celestial blessings from the Blue Moon, think of the rare blue gemstone Aotea. Of all crystals we work with, Aotea is the gemstone we most associate with the celestial energies of the Blue Moon. Aotea (or chromium enriched kyanite) is a very rare blue-green gemstone; found […]

Live each moment like a Pearl

Ruled by the planet Mercury, pearls are the iridescent lustrous birthstone for those born under the zodiac sign Gemini (May 21, to June 20-21). Along with moonstones, alexandrite and agate, pearls are also one of the main birthstones for people born in June. We associate pearls with the moon and its tides, the great blue […]