Blue-Moon-over-water-On Friday 31 July 2015, as you are casting your wishes for celestial blessings from the Blue Moon, think of the rare blue gemstone Aotea. Of all crystals we work with, Aotea is the gemstone we most associate with the celestial energies of the Blue Moon. Aotea (or chromium enriched kyanite) is a very rare blue-green gemstone; found only in a few places in the world (Norway, Slovenia, California) And…… in a few boulders along the Makaawhio River, South Westland New Zealand.

Aotea 4

Just like the rare Blue Moon, Aotea is a tāonga (precious treasure) of the indigenous Māori people of the Makaawhio area. It is revered as the manifestation of the goddess – Waitaiki – who was chased into the sea and cast into stone by the warrior taniwha Poutini. Aotea is at least as highly prized as pounamu (Ngāi Tahu’s precious greenstone) and in our view is far more rare and precious than any diamond.

Aotea or chromium enriched kyanite is a unique combination of minerals. Kyanite provides the beautiful turquoise blue, fuchsite (pronounced “fok-site”), the irridesent green hues, quartz and talc (it may snap or crumble) the white inclusions, and in some cases, sillimantite (brown bands). The mineral kyanite is an aluminium silicate and is found with other metamorphic minerals such as serpentine, jadeite, bowenite along fault lines. Aotea was created through huge pressure from uplifts in the earth causing metamorphous of ocean floor layers and amphibolite (fossils).

Aotea2Every piece of Aotea is different, some pieces are bright blue (more kyanite) and some have emerald green hues (more fuchsite). Inclusions of sillimantite are referred to as Toto Weka or blood of the Weka (bird).

Aotea has a gentle velvet, yet determined feminine energy. Feel how soft, warm and feathery it feels in your hand. Compare this with pounamu and its distinct male energy.

Kyanite stimulates intuition, personal truth and aids the wearer to be more attuned with the spiritual world. It is great for meditation. Kyanite reflects negativity and like citrine, never needs cleansing or cleaning (just leave it out in the light of the Blue Moon). Fuchsite aids self-worth and holistic thought and action. This is a great stone to access knowledge with practical value. Fuchsite can help you better relate to others on basic life issues. Quartz is the most common mineral on earth, and is a very powerful amplifying stone. Quartz helps to absorb, store, release and regulate energy. Sillimantite is good for unity and harmony, providing focus, self-discipline and order from chaos.

SIC only sources Aotea from the Makaawhio tribal group, who hold an exclusive mining licence for this rare mineral. Through their ancestral and spiritual connections we see Makaawhio as the rightful kaitiaki – or guardians of the stone. Any piece we source is treated with reverence, great care and consideration. If you are lucky enough to possess or be gifted this taonga, you have been blessed with a true gift of the Blue Moon and the sea-goddess Waitaiki.