With Te Matatini, the biggest festival on Christchurch’s event calendar, just around the corner it seems the perfect time to celebrate one of our signature charms – the hei tiki.

The hei (meaning to hang around the neck) and tiki (meaning man) is one of the most iconic taonga (treasures) in Māori culture, and a symbol of fertility and good luck. Several beliefs surround its origin with some believing it represents tiki the first man in Māori legend, while others believe it represents Hine-te-Iwaiwa, an ancestress associated with fertility and the virtuous qualities of Māori womanhood. Then there are those who believe the hei tiki represents the unborn embryo.

With Its cute tilted head representing thinking, its hand strength, mouth communication, heart love and loins fertility the hei tiki is a powerful icon. Those who wear it are believed to be clear-thinking, perceptive, loyal and knowledgeable and of strong character.f7ef67dff48cf9d7d776c964f6cce9118a8ae194

Traditionally carved from Pounamu (Greenstone) and worn for ceremonial occasions these days its also a much coveted fashion accessory made from a range of materials and in every imaginable colour – and its not just as jewellery – you’ll find it on clothing, fabric, cushions, artworks, ornaments and more…


Precious - GarnetThis precious taonga adorns many of our Sisters Collective pieces sitting perfectly alongside the many charms and talismans from around the globe that are synonymous with our jewels.

For all our Sisters Collective followers planning on being at Te Matatini in March – we’re looking forward to seeing you there!





Boho – the cool, feminine and slightly quirky bohemian style has been around in various forms for more than 50 years, but, its really been in the last decade that A list celebs and fashionista’s like Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, J Lo and the Olsen twins have perfected the look regularly spotted wearing the signature maxi dresses, floral prints, sandals, cute little ankle boots and colourful layered accessories that say ‘Boho Chic’!


Ten years on Boho is alive and well and especially popular on the USA’s West Coast where it’s synonymous with the cool easy style of the California girls! It’s a timeless style – it doesn’t matter whether you were wearing it last summer or 10 summers ago – Boho is always cool!

The great thing about Boho style is there are no rights or wrongs and nothing has to match! Boho is about unleashing ones inner creative spirit – feeling the freedom to mix colour, textures and patterns and creating one’s own unique style – think earthy, tribal, organic, hippy, vintage…and the more layered the better!!

Our new Sisters Collective Boho Summer range has its own unique tribal flavour inspired by our love of New Zealand Pounamu or Greenstone and in particular the highly prized Aotea found only in South Westland. Aotea is a mixture of Kyanite and Fuchsite and is the stone to wear if you need some help with self-expression and communication. It’s also thought to strengthen super natural abilities and is often used for deep meditation. Perhaps its most special quality is that it doesn’t retain negative energies so never needs to be cleansed but rather can be used for cleansing other stones.

Aotea 1Aotea 3Aotea 2


Boho Summer necklaces are designed to wear layered with shorter and longer lengths available. They come in a range of colours and natural stones including onyx, white and blue turquoise, malachite, kyanite, blue chalcedony and leopard jasper with the Aotea pendant optional.

Boho Short White - resizedJess1Boho Boys - resized