Let’s face it we all have those days/times in our life when a positive thought seems beyond our reach, when we need a little extra help to ‘get up and go’…well if you are a believer in the power of gems, find yourself some black tourmaline to lift your spirits and remove those negative energies.

Precious powerful tourmaline is one of the birthstones for those born in October (Opal is the other). It comes in a myriad of colours from pinks and greens to our very favourite black – why our favourite? Firstly because there are very few black gems and more importantly for its powers of protection and positivity.

Celeb couple and crystal advocates David and Victoria Beckham keep black tourmaline in their bathroom for protection from negativity and Victoria never leaves home without it when heading to fashion shows to ensure positive outcomes…


Black tourmaline’s protective powers are massive – if you have nightmares pop some under your pillow, if you are dealing with annoying neighbours place at your front door and if in need of some positive energy at work, hold some in your hand for a few minutes to reignite your flame.

For those who are into mediation and healing, black tourmaline is an excellent, grounding stone, because it frees the mind to safely explore the spiritual world.


Tourmaline - Pink - resized

Precious – SIC tourmaline necklace with rose quartz and imperial jasper (tiki optional) NZD$179.00



Sapphire is the modern and only “precious” birthstone of September. However there are actually seven gemstones that are influential for people born in this month marking the transit of seasons to spring (Southern hemisphere) or autumn (Northern hemisphere).

The other six September birthstones are: Lapis Lazuli (alternate modern), Zircon (Hindu stone in many shades including deep blue), Moonstone (India), Peridot (traditional), Agate (Tibetan) and Sard-onyx (Roman). A common link for September birthstones is either the stone is a blue stone or the blue colouring is chosen.

Lapis Lazuli (Blue Stone) is a fabulous Libra gemstone, especially good for those Libra’s born in September. It is considered the modern alternate September birthstone, to Sapphire.

A regal stone, treasured and revered as magical since antiquity, Lapis has been worn as an ornament and ground for medicine as well as used as a beautiful ultramarine paint.

Lapis is an opaque stone and occurs in a range of blue, grey, green and purple shades with white-greyish shades and often flashings of gold fleck (chalcopyrite). Those stones that are a deep royal blue (generally originating from Afghanistan) are rarest and the most highly valued.


Friendship, truth and enlightenment are the main influences of Lapis. Lapis Lazuli has a powerful spiritual energy that enables greater self-awareness, thus assisting enlightenment and the wearer’s increased ability to speak truthfully. It is also a stone that aids both spiritual and physical healing and can be beneficial for those recovering from an operation or hospital stay.

Because good Lapis is both expensive and a very distinctive colour, SIC tends to use this royal blue stone as an accent. We like to team it with Citrine, Labradorite and gold plated Hematite.

It is a great stone for men to wear.


Men’s Lapis bracelet: NZ$49.50




Yes, it’s a little cloudy tonight but tomorrow Tuesday at 1pm (Monday night (9.38pm to be exact in the Northern hemisphere) will provide a harvest full moon. The Harvest Moon’s claim to fame is that it provides farmers with a little bit of extra moonlight so they can reap their crops.

This September Harvest Moon marks the third in a trilogy of ‘supermoons’ since April 2014. July and August’s full moons both fell during the moon’s perigee (closest point in its orbit to Earth). While the August supermoon was the closest, this month’s full moon also falls during perigee, and it’s also very close to Spring equinox (as a rule harvest moons generally fall during October).

If you are scratching your head and asking what this blog on Harvest Moons, moon power and ‘supermoons’ has to do with your jewels. It’s pretty simple. Moonlight is one of the best ways to charge and empower your gemstone crystals and restore their inherent power ESPECIALLY if your stones are influenced by the moon (for example – Pearls (especially White Pearls), Moonstones, Opalites).

Claim your stones under the supermoon to reap the full benefit of their influences – and, we repeat – if you have White Pearls, pay special attention to this. If you haven’t already claimed your gems, take this opportunity (and any other) to stand outside in the full moon, holding them in your receptive hand. This removes past energies and will personalise your gems for your use. You will receive the dual gift of charging and cleansing.

You can programme your crystals to bring their powerful attributes into your life. Hold your crystals, close your eyes and visualize what you need from them. Repeating this process frequently will attract the energies you are seeking.

Have fun and make the most of the last Super Moon for 2014.


An armful of wraps

A bounty of white pearl and other delicious gems…

Not that you would know it’s spring in New Zealand with 8 degree temps, lashings of rain and cold Southerly winds…but our designer has been experimenting with splashes of colour in an attempt to channel warmer climes. We are teaming gold plated Hematite (Magnetism, Concentration, Focus, Protection) with our favourite (AAA grade) stones in a slinky wee double wrap. You can expect to see combos of gold Hermatite with:

  • Imperial fancy pink, dark blue, purple and green Jasper – Perfect fire stone for Leo, Virgo, Scorpio and great for relaxation, contentment, compassion, tranquility and lightness of spirit.
  • Turquoise – Multi-elemental stone for Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces influencing serenity, friendship, passion, healing, positive thinking and Sensitivity.
  • Garnet – A (mostly) red fire stone for Aries, Leo, Virgo, a birthstone of Capricorns influencing Passion, Sensuality and Sexuality, Romance, Success – especially for woman in business, self confidence and popularity.
  • Midnight Blue Goldstone (gold flecked) – Superior healing stone for connection with the Divine, providing wisdom, energy and courage, assisting learning and communication, bringing light at the end of the tunnel, great for beginnings and balance. A birthstone of Sagittarius.
  • Pearls – One of the best stones for those born in June or under the influence of the Moon, a lustrous birthstone of Gemini and Cancer. Pearls aid purity, honesty, fidelity, integrity, partnership, tranquility and wisdom. Great for meditation and our 3mm tiny white pearls are just little drops of love.
  • Labradorite – A lustrous water stone for Scorpio, Sagittarius and Leo influencing transformation, will, imagination, calmness, and will unleash the psychic in you.
  • Tiger Eye – A beautiful balancing fire and earth gemstone and birthstone of Capricorn. A hugely protective influence, tiger eye bring grounding and balance, clear thinking, pragmatism, personal empowerment, power and courage.
  • Chalcopyrite – Fires to the tune of the powerful Leo with mix of fire and earth. Pyrite will aid mental stability, logic, creativity, intelligence and assist with optimism, psychic development, channelling, learning and perception.

An armful of wraps

With all these gorgeous colours and fantastic influences its a bit hard for a girl to choose so we say, wear at least four double wraps and lets bring on Spring! RRP: $49.50NZ


Onyx is a staple of our SIC jewels.  Black onyx is the perfect base for any piece because it’s super hard wearing, and has a waxy lustre and silky black sheen.



Onyx is one of the hardest gemstones, a chalcedony (silicamineral) which is composed of very fine bands of the minerals quartz and moganite, usually white or black. Many semi-precious gems are in fact forms of chalcedony (including Agate, Sardonyx (red banded onyx), Carnelian, Aventurine).

Onyx is a Leo birthstone (along with Diamonds, Carnelians, Peridots and Rubies).  It is a fire stone and those influenced by a number six numerology.  Give this stone to people on their 7th wedding anniversary.  Onyx is a great stone for both men and women.

People wear onyx as it is said to bring strength, clarity of thought or purpose, and informs better decision making. It is a powerful protective stone, associated with the root chakra: helping to banish grief and negative energy.  Onyx is a good stone for ailments of both teeth and feet.  Here is a great example of the celebrity power of Onyx..(Matt the drummer from Guns and Roses)


and sadly not wearing SIC….

SIC has lots of onyx options but one of our favorite teams the mighty onyx with the pure and calming beauty of white pearls…

Pearl Girl: RRP: $199.00


In a recent gathering of a few special girlfriends – we had a really interesting conversation about moonstones that was inspired by the SuperMoon (9 August 2014). Moonstones are one of our favorite gems. There is something about their milky translucent sheen that exudes opulence, mysteriousness and glamour. The properties of moonstone also seem to mirror their beautiful illusive persona.

Moonstone yields a path to inner beauty and truth and holds the eternal power of mystery. A talisman of a hidden journey, reflecting the inner sanctum of the soul – brought to light – in glimpses.

Moonstone represents the ‘rising sun as opposed to the ascendant house’ or the intuitive self. It is a stone for truth seekers; lovers; those seeking safe passage, knowledge or prophecy; and should be worn by those born in June, or under the zodiac signs of Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio and by people who are influenced by a numerology of four.

Natural moonstones (a mineral feldspar) can be found in shades of milky white, grey, blue or pink. Their translucency or relfective hues generally reflect their cost. As a rule of thumb, opaque stones cost less transluscent stones cost more. A strand of pinky salmon rainbow moonstone may cost as much as $50NZD (wholesale).

During our discussion with the girls, we had to ‘fess’ up that while we prefer to use natural gems, we use a lot of ‘opalites’, which are commercially produced moonstones. We use opalites because they are cost effective but also because they have a beautiful translucency that can only be matched by the more expensive varieties of natural moonstone.

So for moonstone lovers and anyone born in June, here are a couple of SIC moonstone options:

Moonstone1_edited-1 Rainbow Moonstone

Opalites (6mm stones) – $150RRP                Rainbow moonstone (6mm stones) – $225RRP





The ‘Queen of the Night” Collection

Sisters Collective

Sisters Collective

Yes, we all know that Christmas is in December. However, the SIC gals received a special little mid-year Christmas stocking, with the arrival of a new shipment of AAA grade quality gems from a new gemstone supplier.

Imperial pink and purple jasper, smokey quartz, lush garnets, obsidian, yellow tiger’s eye, translucent grey blue labradorite and hot metallic pyrite round and faceted beads found their way into our delighted hands.

We have been desperate to share our delight and have pulled together a new collection.  These creations are deep, opulent and definitely worth spoiling yourself with.

The real ‘jewels’ in the crown of our winter collection are our brand new custom designed ‘wrap bracelets’ and necklaces based around the beautiful gemstone pyrite.

Chalcopyrite, pyrite or as it is perhaps dis-ingeniously termed ‘fools gold’ is one of our fave stones to fashion alongside other gems.  This gem’s metallic lustre and pale brass-yellow hue give it a superficial resemblance to gold — hence the nickname.  And, pyrite (being a sulphurous mineral) is often found with gold deposits.

Pyrite has a deep opulent shine and gold colour that can be easily teamed with any other metal.  We just can’t get enough of pyrite and teamed with imperial purple jasper and our new magenta garnets; these are nothing short of regal.

And And And (as if we need more persuasion), by adorning our wrists and necks with these hot, hot gems, we aid: intelligence, mental stability, logic, creativity, psychic development, memory, practicality, optimism, channeling, learning, perception and protection.

The birthstone for Capricorn (those born in January), influenced by the planet Venus, with earthly and fire properties and vibrating to the number 9 (humanity). Opulent pyrite should be worn by anyone in needed to channel abundance into their winter existence and lives.

May 2014 inched upon us with the passing of several beloved friends and a dear dear parent, who died without warning, and in tragic circumstances.  It has been painful, sad, unnerving and a reflective time as we have searched for reason and meaning to the finality of death. Creativity provides some small comfort; being a tool to honour our beloved and remind us of the gift of life. 
Moonstones are beautiful translucent gemstones prized for their ability to aid reflection, empathy, intuition and provide deeper meaning to life.  Physically they are characterised by a nebulas countenance creating an enchanting play on light.  They remind us of the full moon, shimmering, guiding the way on a dark night.  Moonstones are the birthstone of July and associated with the zodiac sign Cancer.  
We love working with opalites (manufactured moonstone) and moonstones for there is no gemstone that reflects quite as much or as deeply, as moonstone. 
As a tribute to our loved ones, we have designed a special opalite/moonstone necklace adorned with blue sandstone.  When worn, it will reflect the light of our beloved, aid love, intuition and we hope create a peaceful cocooning until one is ready to bravely face another beautiful turning on the carousel of life.