Sapphire is the modern and only “precious” birthstone of September. However there are actually seven gemstones that are influential for people born in this month marking the transit of seasons to spring (Southern hemisphere) or autumn (Northern hemisphere).

The other six September birthstones are: Lapis Lazuli (alternate modern), Zircon (Hindu stone in many shades including deep blue), Moonstone (India), Peridot (traditional), Agate (Tibetan) and Sard-onyx (Roman). A common link for September birthstones is either the stone is a blue stone or the blue colouring is chosen.

Lapis Lazuli (Blue Stone) is a fabulous Libra gemstone, especially good for those Libra’s born in September. It is considered the modern alternate September birthstone, to Sapphire.

A regal stone, treasured and revered as magical since antiquity, Lapis has been worn as an ornament and ground for medicine as well as used as a beautiful ultramarine paint.

Lapis is an opaque stone and occurs in a range of blue, grey, green and purple shades with white-greyish shades and often flashings of gold fleck (chalcopyrite). Those stones that are a deep royal blue (generally originating from Afghanistan) are rarest and the most highly valued.


Friendship, truth and enlightenment are the main influences of Lapis. Lapis Lazuli has a powerful spiritual energy that enables greater self-awareness, thus assisting enlightenment and the wearer’s increased ability to speak truthfully. It is also a stone that aids both spiritual and physical healing and can be beneficial for those recovering from an operation or hospital stay.

Because good Lapis is both expensive and a very distinctive colour, SIC tends to use this royal blue stone as an accent. We like to team it with Citrine, Labradorite and gold plated Hematite.

It is a great stone for men to wear.


Men’s Lapis bracelet: NZ$49.50