Let’s face it we all have those days/times in our life when a positive thought seems beyond our reach, when we need a little extra help to ‘get up and go’…well if you are a believer in the power of gems, find yourself some black tourmaline to lift your spirits and remove those negative energies.

Precious powerful tourmaline is one of the birthstones for those born in October (Opal is the other). It comes in a myriad of colours from pinks and greens to our very favourite black – why our favourite? Firstly because there are very few black gems and more importantly for its powers of protection and positivity.

Celeb couple and crystal advocates David and Victoria Beckham keep black tourmaline in their bathroom for protection from negativity and Victoria never leaves home without it when heading to fashion shows to ensure positive outcomes…


Black tourmaline’s protective powers are massive – if you have nightmares pop some under your pillow, if you are dealing with annoying neighbours place at your front door and if in need of some positive energy at work, hold some in your hand for a few minutes to reignite your flame.

For those who are into mediation and healing, black tourmaline is an excellent, grounding stone, because it frees the mind to safely explore the spiritual world.


Tourmaline - Pink - resized

Precious – SIC tourmaline necklace with rose quartz and imperial jasper (tiki optional) NZD$179.00