Yes, it’s a little cloudy tonight but tomorrow Tuesday at 1pm (Monday night (9.38pm to be exact in the Northern hemisphere) will provide a harvest full moon. The Harvest Moon’s claim to fame is that it provides farmers with a little bit of extra moonlight so they can reap their crops.

This September Harvest Moon marks the third in a trilogy of ‘supermoons’ since April 2014. July and August’s full moons both fell during the moon’s perigee (closest point in its orbit to Earth). While the August supermoon was the closest, this month’s full moon also falls during perigee, and it’s also very close to Spring equinox (as a rule harvest moons generally fall during October).

If you are scratching your head and asking what this blog on Harvest Moons, moon power and ‘supermoons’ has to do with your jewels. It’s pretty simple. Moonlight is one of the best ways to charge and empower your gemstone crystals and restore their inherent power ESPECIALLY if your stones are influenced by the moon (for example – Pearls (especially White Pearls), Moonstones, Opalites).

Claim your stones under the supermoon to reap the full benefit of their influences – and, we repeat – if you have White Pearls, pay special attention to this. If you haven’t already claimed your gems, take this opportunity (and any other) to stand outside in the full moon, holding them in your receptive hand. This removes past energies and will personalise your gems for your use. You will receive the dual gift of charging and cleansing.

You can programme your crystals to bring their powerful attributes into your life. Hold your crystals, close your eyes and visualize what you need from them. Repeating this process frequently will attract the energies you are seeking.

Have fun and make the most of the last Super Moon for 2014.


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