“Her eyes were of the utmost beauty, resembling

a kaleidoscope of green and golden citrine…”

November calendar birthstones are ruled by the sun’s influence. There are so many ‘sun-blessed’ energising crystals ‘Novemberites’ can choose to wear for protection, empowerment and inspiration, but nothing compares to the lure of Citrines.

Whether you are an emotional Scorpio in need of a little more joy, focus and inspiration or an optimistic Sagittarius looking for personal growth and prosperity, Citrines are a natural choice, with warm golden hues stirring feelings of celestial warmth, inner fire, imagination, awakening and manifestation.

Among the most beautiful transparent sparkling gems, Citrines come in every shade of sunlight; from pale yellow early morning shades, to blinding full sun-yellow, to the deep hues of marigold-vermillion fading light.

Citrines are beautiful to wear – they feel refreshing and energising to the skin, they can help to clear the mind and cleanse the body, enhance will, stir the soul to action and awaken creativity and imagination. With their sparkling transparent lustre, opulent radiance and pure energy, Citrines evoke the fullness of life, and help us to transform our dreams and wishes into reality. A lovely quality of Citrines, are their ability to cleanse – leave Citrines out in the sun to get the full benefit. Placing them close to other crystals will cleanse and revitalise the empowering energies of these gems.

To the naked eye, it is hard to distinguish between the equally beguiling golden Topaz (another November birthstone) and the glorious Citrines. We choose Citrines as they are affordable (especially the bright yellow shades) and readily available in both round and faceted beads.

Our favorite 2014 combination teams multi-faceted-sparkly Citrine beads with lurid Pink Jasper (another gemstone beneficial to those lucky Scorpio and Sagittarius born in November) and gold plated Hematite. These sun-blessed pieces are a must for your Xmas wardrobe. Citrine, jasper & pink pearl - resized