In a recent gathering of a few special girlfriends – we had a really interesting conversation about moonstones that was inspired by the SuperMoon (9 August 2014). Moonstones are one of our favorite gems. There is something about their milky translucent sheen that exudes opulence, mysteriousness and glamour. The properties of moonstone also seem to mirror their beautiful illusive persona.

Moonstone yields a path to inner beauty and truth and holds the eternal power of mystery. A talisman of a hidden journey, reflecting the inner sanctum of the soul – brought to light – in glimpses.

Moonstone represents the ‘rising sun as opposed to the ascendant house’ or the intuitive self. It is a stone for truth seekers; lovers; those seeking safe passage, knowledge or prophecy; and should be worn by those born in June, or under the zodiac signs of Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio and by people who are influenced by a numerology of four.

Natural moonstones (a mineral feldspar) can be found in shades of milky white, grey, blue or pink. Their translucency or relfective hues generally reflect their cost. As a rule of thumb, opaque stones cost less transluscent stones cost more. A strand of pinky salmon rainbow moonstone may cost as much as $50NZD (wholesale).

During our discussion with the girls, we had to ‘fess’ up that while we prefer to use natural gems, we use a lot of ‘opalites’, which are commercially produced moonstones. We use opalites because they are cost effective but also because they have a beautiful translucency that can only be matched by the more expensive varieties of natural moonstone.

So for moonstone lovers and anyone born in June, here are a couple of SIC moonstone options:

Moonstone1_edited-1 Rainbow Moonstone

Opalites (6mm stones) – $150RRP                Rainbow moonstone (6mm stones) – $225RRP