Bloodstone and Aquamarine – March’s powerful birthstones harness the ancient power of the Sun and calming influence of the Sea

Bloodstone – Ancient Sun Stone

Bloodstone (also known as “heliotrope”) was the traditional birthstone of March until the 1950s, when it was replaced by Aquamarine. It was the March birthstone in the ancient Roman, Polish, Arabic, Hebrew and old Hindu calendars.

Bloodstone is the zodiac stone for Aries and Pisces, both zodiac signs falling partly in the month of March. Translated from the Greek word for ‘sun-turner’, bloodstones were highly revered and even fashioned into mirrors to view sun-eclipses. A green/blue chalcedony (silica or quartz) mineral, bloodstones have spots of iron oxide, or (usually red) Jasper, which is another less-known birthstone for March.


Wear Bloodstone to instil courage, strength and tenacity and bring your bodies energy into balance. Bloodstone’s strong vibration will help to dissipate confusion, bring peace and serenity, and repel negativity.

Aquamarine – Calming Sea Stone


Aquamarine replaced Bloodstone as the birthstone for March in 1952 and is the zodiac stone for Pisces. Aquamarine derived its name from the Latin words aqua, meaning water, and marina, meaning the sea. This gem is a blue variety of Beryl, which when green, is called emerald, and when yellow, heliodor. Aquamarine is generally light in tone and ranges from blue, greenish blue to blue-green. The color usually is more intense in larger stones.

Aquamarine 1

Aquamarine was believed to procure favour from the spirits of the light and protect sailors, as well as to guarantee a safe voyage. The serene color of Aquamarine is said to cool the temper, allowing the wearer to remain calm and levelheaded. Another courage stone to be worn for its calming energies, or to reduce stress and quieten the mind. Aquamarine is particularly helpful for closure on all levels.

If the influence of the sun or the sea is not enough for those of you born in March, you can also choose from three other March birthstones: Jasper (Supreme Nurture stone), Jade (Purity, Serenity and Prosperity) or Gold-Shiva-Linga (a flesh-colored variety of Jasper) that is highly revered by Hindus for its ability to influence love, unity and harmony of the soul’s energy forces within the Universe.