WAIAROHA - Inanga (blue) pounamu wand with custom kōhatu strand

Waiaroha are an ancient gift of Papatuanuku (earth mother). These special tāonga are formed deep in the earth at very high temperatures compressing layers of the sea-floor, plant matter and fossils, to form the minerals Pounamu (bowenite, nephrite, serpentine), Pākohe (argillite) or Kapakara (garnet).

12316467_933669336682092_5204577594886940604_nAs the mountains were formed bands of these tāonga were forced upward. They were then tumbled down and eroded in river valleys, finding their resting place in deep river pools or washed-up along the river mouth or beach.

Sisters Collective has been working with Whakatū carver Tim Moran (http://www.facebook.com/taongabytimoti) to develop our collection designed as a tribute to the unique geological formation of the tāonga.Inanga & Turq







Exposure is symbolised by the thin waka shape and its water birth. The collection includes many unique variations of Pounamu, Pākohe and Kapakara.

Email us: Adrienne@sisterscollective.co.nz if you wish to view the collection or would lie more information.
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