Unique Gemstones – He Kōhatu Ahurei

Based in Ōtautahi (Christchurch) Te Waipounamu (South Island) we source and craft kōhatu (gems) into beautiful protective talismans to protect and empower the wearer.
We work with authentic NZ taonga such as Ngāi Tahu Pounamu (see link below) and other taonga harvested with the consent of their local kaitiaki.

Astro Jewels - Cancer
Crystal B Astrology

Our latest range of astro-jewels was inspired by US astrologer Crystal B (who was so inspired by our passion for papatuanuku, the whenua, awa and māunga that yield and protect our taonga kōhatu), that she came to NZ with her dad in March 2017, to do business with the sisters.

Sisters Collective - Taonga

A unique aspect of our business is ‘dressing’ taonga – and we receive many commissions to re-string taonga, either onto precious metal or a strand of mystical gems that will amplify the inherent powers of pounamu/taonga. Our passion is to raise awareness of the old stories and knowledge (mātauranga) associated with kōhatu, as treasures of Papa – Tangaroa.  We use kōhatu to raise awareness of our lands, our waters, and our collective responsibility to look after these special places and treasures for the wellbeing of future generations.

Shop Tiki

Hei tiki are an indigenous Māori protective talisman that are worn to protect your whānau (family) aid fertility and bring long-lasting prosperity and abundance.

Merging the old with the new SIC we craft our tiki in non-traditional taonga (gemstone/crystal) instead of bone, wood or pounamu (greenstone or nephrite jade).

We are committed to using non-mined sustainable gems and our tiki gems have been chosen specifically for this purpose.


The Emerging Stone - Pounamu Te Whei Aō - Rehutai

In Sisters Collective’s quest to find tāonga[1] in Te Tau Ihu (Nelson Marlborough, NZ) with Māori carver Timoti Moran, and to uncover some of the ancient knowledge around tāonga (reminding us of the power of nature) we found a super rare…

Harvesting Pounamu

'And what is stone to the hand that shapes it?' Stone! Hold it, touch it, listen to it. Does it sing the same sone to everyone? Some merely see hard unyielding strength, while others feel what moves deep within. Only women and men born to the…
MAURI ORA TAONGA - Behold the stones of life

MAURI ORA TAONGA - Behold the stones of life

We could square the blame on the 7th planet Uranus which drives the energies associated with magic, discoveries and inventions, and without a higher purpose, is to blame for individualism, rebellions and all things unpredictable....BUT for some…

Ahakoa he iti he Pounamu

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 Ahakoa he iti he PounamuAlthough it is small it is PounamuMany of you have a piece (or pieces of) Pounamu, gifted or collected over the years; sitting in a drawer unworn, because the string has become old, is too light for the weight…
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